Workshop program

The workshop programme will be spaced out over two days and will be comprised of 3 themed half-days that will alternate between experts’ presentations and workshops.

In addition to the workshop, a gala dinner will be organised on 4 July, as well as a visit to the Brussels-North wastewater treatment plant and the bioplastics production prototype unit, which will take place on the afternoon of 5 July.

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  • Workshop
    4-5 July 2013
  • Gala Dinner
    4 July 2013
  • Visit of the Brussels-North WWTP
    5 July 2013

Workshop schedule

The workshop will cover the following three major themes:

  • Interface (sanitation and its interfaces)
  • Recovery (systems based on the recovery and reclamation of wastewater, energy and byproducts)
  • Adaptability  (adaptation to future developments and needs)

The presentations will be followed by workshops hosted by Mario Varvoglis, event specialist. During these workshops, the participants will be invited to discuss a specific issue linked to the session’s topic in subgroups. The main conclusions of these discussions will be presented to all the participants at the so-called "wrap-up" feedback sessions.

4 July 2013   5 July 2013
8.30 am

Breakfast and registration

8.00 am Welcome
9.00 am Introduction
8.30 am Introduction
9.15 am Presentations no.1 "Interface"
Chairman : T.MAH
8.45 am Presentations no.3  "Adaptability"
Chairman : B. TISSERAND
10.45 am Coffee break 10.15 am Coffee break
11.00 am Workshop no.1  "Interface"
Chairman : M. VARVOGLIS
10.30 am Workshop no.3 "Adaptability" 
Chairman : M. VARVOGLIS
12.25 pm Drink 12.00 pm Drink
12.45 pm Buffet lunch 12.10 pm Wrap-up of all workshops
12.25 pm Conclusion - End of Convention
2.00 pm Presentations no.2 "Recovery"
Chairman : J.-M. PHILIPOT
12.35 pm Buffet lunch
2.00 pm Departure for the Brussels-North wastewater treatment plant (Aquiris)
3.30 pm Coffee break 2.30 pm Brussels-North wastewater treatment plant visit
3.45 pm Workshop no.2 "Recovery"
Chairman : M. VARVOGLIS
5.30 pm End of first day 4.30 pm End of visit and return to centre of Brussels
7.00 pm Gala dinner

The gala dinner will take place on Thursday, 4 July at the Théâtre du Vaudeville from 7.00 p.m.

The Théâtre du Vaudeville is located at the magnificent Galerie de la Reine, which is in fact a much-sought-after historic place, not far from the Grand Place and the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel.

Classed as a historic monument and inaugurated in 1884, the Théâtre du Vaudeville is a mythical place that has always held a special place in the collective memory of the people of Brussels.



Programme   Route map

7.00 p.m.: Welcome drink
8.00 p.m. : Dinner – Welcome speech by Hervé Suty
10.00 p.m.: Awarding of prizes
10.30 p.m.: Dessert

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Théâtre du Vaudeville

Galerie de la Reine 13
1000 Brussels
Tel : +32 2 738 75 96
Website :

The Théâtre du Vaudeville is located 300 metres from the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel. The organisers will escort the participants to the Théâtre du Vaudeville. Timing and location for meet-up before departure is the lobby of the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel at 6.30pm.

The afternoon of 5 July will be set aside for the visit of the Brussels-North wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) and the R&D prototype units installed on site.

Provisional program

 Route map

2.00 p.m.: Departure from the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel by coach
2.30 p.m.: Arrival at the plant and guided tours

    - Visit of the WWTP
    - Visit of the R&D prototype units :

  • Bioplastics production units
  • Micropollutant detection laboratory and biottope units

4.30 p.m.: End of visit and return to the Brussels city centre.

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Brussels-North wastewater treatment plant (Aquiris)

Avenue de Vilvorde, 450
1130 Brussels
Tel. : +32 2 243 96 60
Website :

Transport will be provided for the transfer from the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel to the Brussels-North wastewater treatment plant. The shuttle service will leave the hotel at 2.00 p.m. After the visit, the shuttle will take the participants back to the Brussels city centre. Please use the route map to get to the station with your own transport arrangements.

Aquiris – Veolia Water’s international innovation center.

The Brussels-North wastewater treatment plant operated by Aquiris, a subsidiary of Veolia Water, is the largest purification plant in Belgium. This purification plant is used to treat the wastewater of 1.3 million inhabitants of the Brussels-Capital Region and the Woluwe basin. The operational period started in March 2007. Its facilities are at the cutting edge of innovation thus making the Brussels-North wastewater treatment plant a reference site for water and sludge treatment.

Bioplastics production

In 2010 Veolia Water chose the Aquiris plant to set up the first prototype intended to reclaim bioplastics from the organic material contained in the municipal effluents. The first polymers were produced in October 2011. To capitalise on this success, Aquiris, VERI and AnoxKaldnes (part of Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies) are working on new configurations and the precise characterisation of the obtained biopolymers to ensure that they meet the specifications of future industrial clients as closely as possible.

Micropollutant detection laboratory and biottope project

Aquiris has formed strategic alliances enabling it to push the boundaries of its technological know-how further still, particularly with WatchFrog, a biotechnology company specialised in in vivo studies of pharmaceutical and chemical molecules.
As part of this partnership, Aquiris has set up a programme for the detection of pollutants that act as hormone disruptors. This programme is currently being pursued through the European Biottope project.